Big congratulations. Excellent performances and super- original conceptualization and mis en scene. *****
Thanks for a fantastic night at the theatre. *****
Pedazo de plan estos días en Madrid para ver una versión de Hamlet en inglés muy renovada. *****
The performance was fantastic and the actors and all the people behind the scenes did a wonderful job. *****
Hamlet was THE best performance we've seen yet. An amazing job!!!! Keep up the good work. *****
Really loved it. Best thing I’ve seen by English Theatre Madrid. *****
Loved your performance last night. Fabulous show! Congratulations! *****
Un espectáculo increíble!! La producción genial. *****
Congratulations! Such hard work! *****
Excelente, merece la pena! *****
Excellent. Very innovative use of multimedia and modern tech to complement the original text *****
Utterly brilliant. Pure genius. *****
The production was excellent, loved the use of multimedia! *****

I am a Camera

Wonderful comedic performances! Very funny, hilarious at times! *****
Excellent. Love the play and parts of it are especially timely. All of you nailed your roles. Congrats. *****
Absolutely loved the play, it’s my favourite English Theatre Madrid production to date. The characters were so relatable and I found the relationship between Sally and Christopher really touching. Well done everyone!! *****
A very, very talented group who take risks in the range of what they do and are consistently professional in every performance. *****
The production was very good, and the direction was great. *****
Obra muy divertida, pero que da que pensar. Buenísimos actores. Vesturario espectacular. *****
Briliant set and costumes. The actors were universal in their talent and commitment. *****
'I am a camera' was both entertaining and absorbing. The cast were excellent and it was put together really well. Couldn't recommend it highly enough. *****
Each performance is spectacular! I highly recommend! *****
Excelente, me encantó. Los actores fantásticos, más obras como estas, por favor!!! Felicidades a todos los actores por su brillante interpretación y puesta en escena. *****


Congratulations again on your beautiful, powerful production of "Crave." *****
Bravo! Fascinating opening night. Think I'll go again next Friday. *****
I think it's brave to stage challenging theatre. *****
Amazing challenge and wonderfully executed *****
Very different and risky. Impeccable! Congratulations *****
Congratulations on your amazing job, a risky proposal superbly executed. *****
Your production of Crave is fantastic! What a brave, challenging proposal... and so well executed! I saw wonderful moments of extremely raw emotions... and so much truth. Well done and thank you! Amazing *****
Muy difícil de representar por el estilo en el que está escrita como si fuera un combate de boxeo verbal pero muy bien ejecutada por los actores, con una dicción perfecta. Es una obra de temática deprimente y muy dura pero es muy buena. Enhorabuena. *****
Estupendo! Muy bueno! *****
The play, but most importantly, the actor are excellent! Well prepared, professional act. Well done and thank you for the amazing, transformational experience! *****
Loved Crave - never seen anything like that before. It was a really powerful performance. Well done to all of you!! *****
Muy buena obra! Interesante y con temas actuales, nos quedamos discutiendo sobre ella durante largo tiempo. Da para un buen analisis. *****
Great performance *****
A challenging, difficult play, for the cast and the audience. *****
¡Buenísimo! *****
Very intense and very moving. Enormously impressive and very memorable. *****
Thought provoking, intense and poetic. Very impactful, I think I’ll read the play, I loved it! *****

Romeo and Juliet

Couldn't recommend this highly enough.
It makes Shakespeare understandable and relatable to a modern audience. *****
Everyone was extremely professional *****
Such a wonderful couple and show.
The energy and those little special twists make the evening so special. Go see it! *****
Great performances all round, the verse came through really clearly to where I was sitting, and I thought the text was REALLY well adapted. The two leads in this show were fantastic - utterly credible and very sympathetic as annoying teenagers well out of their depth, and it madeperfect sense out of the play.
Also, the music choices were dead clever. *****
It was obvious that the school groups who came were gripped, even at the back -
and it's a difficult theatre space to work. *****
So, yes, congratulations to everyone : I saw the RSC do it on tour in 1993,
and the Globe in 2009, and this was better than either of them. *****
Congratulations to everyone involved! An absolutely captivating performance last night!!!! *****
Congratulations to all the cast and crew. Professional and most enjoyable performance, well done! *****
A clever concept, a simple but creative set and a group of young people with a lot of talent! *****
I hope English Theatre Madrid will be working together for a long time to come!
Many thanks and best wishes to all involved *****
Great and amazing Romeo and Juliet version...we enjoyed it a lot!!! Even, I can tell you that someone couldn't avoid to cry, and getting laughs and tears in the same show is so difficult!!!!! *****
Well done company!!! *****
It was a great way to spend the evening - you took me through the roller coaster of emotions and I appreciate the time and effort you put into making this play a reality. *****
Watched Romeo and Juliet and I thought it was amazing! Exceptional cast and show. A very original play as it was based in the 1980's. Keep it up. *****
Brilliant performances by all, very professional and entertaining! *****
Saw Romeo and Juliet on Saturday - Fantastic adaption, wonderful performance and cast. Just brilliant.
Well done all, I look forward to the next production! Xx *****


Fantastic show. Good story, wonderful actors, great direction.
Looking forward to more from this company. *****
Merece la pena ver Betrayal. Bonito tambien el espacio. *****
¡¡FANTASTICO!! *****
Excelente-una gozada y actores de alta calidad! ****
Excellent! Really enjoyed the play. Well done guys *****
Una maravilla de obra y de producción. Excelentes actores!! *****
Excelente. Una obra muy buen hecha con toques de humor muy sutil
a una tema difícil. Lo he disfrutado mucho. *****
Great job to all the cast, the director and the production team.
Really enjoyed the production!!! ****
Una maravilla de obra y de producción. Excelentes actores!! *****